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Lesson 44, February 13

God is the light in which I see.

Light reflects life.

We do not create life or light, but we do create our darkness. We are blind in the darkness, a self-made prison in which we see only with our ego’s physical eyes.

Grievances of any kind create the hell of darkness.

Gratitude turns on the heaven of light.

We can decide to rise above all of our grievances. Make it a daily practice to count our blessings. State them often, say them out loud.

There is always a happy way to move through any challenge or a conflicted way to handle it. View any situation by taking a step back and calmly doing whatever needs to be done. Every challenge exists to show you something about yourself.

Always remember that we cannot have darkness and light simultaneously. Either we are in the dark or we can see because there is light.

We are either wrong minded or right minded.

What this lesson stresses is that the light is coming from within us, thus vision is possible in any and all circumstances. There is no vision apart from us.

You can think of this concept like the image of a lighthouse.

It is the notion I often write about, known as the “Inner Glow.”

This lesson is intent on reaching that light.

Today’s lesson is an attempt to reach God, and requires what the undisciplined mind lacks in order to see.

As we let go of what we currently think and believe, we will resist the loss of our ego identity, or, comfort zone.

Healing requires our total trust and willingness.

God is the light in which we see.

The light is always in us. Now we are accepting it as our reality. The light is our home, the place we always return to, where only peace, joy, love, innocence, safety, grace, patience, oneness, serenity, wholeness, and happiness live. It is the invisible space without form, the energy that spirit is.

Seeing the light is true vision, seeing with the heart and not with the body’s eyes.

This is the Vision that unifies all that is, and ends any nightmares of separation.

This lesson is the most important one to do constantly, everyday. Make connecting with the light your one goal each day.

We are seeing with God’s Love Light or we are drowning in a sea of dark thoughts and feelings of our own ego’s creation.

This lesson asks us to observe all the thoughts that float through our minds without interacting with them or involvement of any kind.

Simply let them be. Pay them no mind.

Our thoughts only have the power that we give to them through believing that they have any substance at all worthy of interacting with.

When resistance rises, keep repeating today’s idea.

The more this lesson is practiced, the easier it gets. And then the day will come when the thoughts return less and less. Light will fill our awareness more and more. The God-self within you is expanding into the space made empty by the dramas and grievances that no longer exist. Remember, they were nothingness!

You will feel relaxed as you enter the formless and unlimited light of God.

You now have life being an extension of God. His Presence, sight, and Vision will lead your way in every moment.

Now can we recognize that vision is in our minds and not in our physical eyes.

All that you do, say, and see will be of the Light. What more could you desire?

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