Lesson 189, July 8

I feel the love of God within me now.

We do not experience God’s love and light within us because we are blinded by the world, and contracted with our fears.

But feeling the love of God within, we will look at the world with new eyes that see only innocence, joy, and hope.

What we experience within is the cause of what we experience outside in the world.

Transforming how we experience our inner world will change how we experience our outer world.

Whereas it is not always easy to see the world differently, we are always able to experience ourselves in a more positive light.

We do not have to search for love or light, for that is what we are, our natural state.

We do, however, need to release our blocks and invite the light to shine.

We don’t need to remove the roadblocks ourselves, but we do need to ask the Holy Spirit to correct our thinking.

Today we will make this a day of connecting with the tender truth of love within us.

Ignore all illusions and empty our minds of all thoughts.

Separation was never real, only a dream we mistook for reality when we joined with the ego and accepted lack, limitation, neglect, and abandonment as real.

Invite God into our lives by calling on Him to be with us. We don’t need to know how to find God; we only need to call on Him, inviting Him into our experience directly by letting go of all of the blocks that are interfering and preventing us from experiencing His love.

God, today is a day of expressing our willingness to open the door and invite You into our hearts and minds.

It is a day of separating from the ego and joining within where we can always find You and the Holy Spirit.

Father, our hands, hearts, and minds are now at peace and we are open to receiving Your gifts of Presence.

We ask for the presence of Your love to return to our awareness now, in this moment.

Let us now accept that Nothing is Real but God’s love.

We feel the love of God within us now.

And so it is. Thank You.