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Lesson 35, February 4

My mind is part of God’s. I am very holy.

This thought is coming from the voice of our True Christ Self.

If this voice of our single mindedness was the only voice that we heard, we would have no problems, and we would probably not be reading these lessons every day.

However, through our judgments, we have created false images of ourselves that have split our minds, and have us now alternating between the voice of our Christ mind and the voice of duality.

One is true while the other is false.

One is eternal while the other will dissolve into nothingness as we stop feeding it with our attention and acceptance.

This lesson is asking us to make note of all the layers of who we think we are, both positive and negative. These are only images of who we have become conditioned to think we are and who we have become conditioned to think we are not.

We are not the images we have created of ourselves.

These images can include any made up picture we have of ourselves such as being depressed, unhappy, lacking, limited, lonely, isolated, traumatized, charitable, virtuous, etc.

We may have accepted these illusions for so long that we’ve forgotten that they are lies that only keep us in a state of separation and fear.

We may have grown comfortable with these false images of ourselves, but nonetheless they are meaningless lies.

Now we are beginning to awaken with this lesson that is showing us how to change our minds.

We cannot change our minds by ourselves, but only with the help of the Holy Spirit can we succeed.

We go to the Holy Spirit in our minds, now asking that these layers of nothingness that cover our eternal light be removed and released.

We ask that these images be undone. Then, we step back and allow them to be undone, one by one.

It is this undoing that will allow us to have all these illusions of nothingness be dissolved so that the light that we are, that has become dimmed and darkened, can once again brightly shine.

As we bring to our conscious awareness the memory of these false pictures, we are also affirming our oneness with God, and therefore, the innate quality of holiness that is already ours. We need but accept this as so.

This lesson is helping us to get back into alignment with God and with all of the qualities that God is and we are, such as innocent and holy.

Our minds are a part of God’s, we are very Holy.

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