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Lesson 17, January 17

I see no neutral things.

All that we see in the world is a witness to the thoughts that we are thinking.

The picture of events, appearances, and results in our world is only mirroring the thoughts that we are thinking about. Reality apart from us is formless.

Everyone is doing and saying to us the messages, evaluations, comparisons, and judgments we were thinking of.

Our thoughts are not neutral.

Therefore, we see no neutral things.

I hope it is starting to take hold in you that our minds have extraordinary power.

That is why I ended yesterday’s entry by stating that we cannot be a victim of anything ever.

This is true because nothing exists outside of our minds.

If we have been experiencing the results that we need and want in our lives, than there’s no problem. Chances are, in that case, that you likely have little interest in reading this blog, or in doing the daily lessons in A Course in Miracles.

If the life that you are living is not the vision that you had in mind, however, the cause lies in your thinking, both conscious and subconscious.

Poor consequences arise because of one cause, and only one cause. It is because our way of thinking has become faulty, and this has caused us to express fearful circumstances.

The conditions and people in which we don’t see God are where we have created separation.

The separation is artificial, however, because we can never become separated from God.

We can believe that we are separate, however.

Our beliefs are therefore not neutral, but have become distorted by the meanings that we have given to all of our experiences and situations.

We have placed a veil between what is simply neutral and the way we have grown to experience it. That veil is then projected outward to show us not what is, but a distorted view of what is.

Today is a day of recognizing that whatever is in our lives is there by our uninformed invitation.

Recognize that whatever meaning anything has is the meaning that I have given it.

Everything that is is neutral until we add the layers of our own thoughts and feelings about it.

Reality has no form until I give a thing its meaning.

That meaning can either be represented by the fearful limitations and unworthiness that we accept as the truth about ourselves, or, it can be represented by the joyous love and deservingness that we feel is the truth about ourselves.

Accept that all that we see first began as a thought in our minds about what things mean.

When our mind is healed, by asking the Holy Spirit to correct our many layers of mistaken thoughts, beliefs, and judgments as they arise in our awareness, then we will again reap good results and experiences in our lives.

The only place that any kind of change ever needs to occur is in our minds.

A Course in Miracles is training our minds to accept that God, or, good, is in everything that we see.

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