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Lesson 19, January 19

I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my thinking.

All that we see is an effect of all that we think and feel.

Nothing exists outside of our minds, not even time exists.

There are no idle thoughts.

The reason being is that we all share one mind, the mind of God, and in this non-local mind the thoughts that each of us thinks not only affects ourselves but also affects each other and the one mind as a whole.

Always remember, there are no idle thoughts. Your every thought is either projecting the ego’s duality, and is therefore a wrong-minded thought, or, it is a thought that is reflecting Christ’s vision of Oneness.

This is true all of the time for every single thought and feeing that we are having.

Whatever you can conceive of in your mind already exists and will manifest to the degree that you can feel and experience it now, in your mind first.

You can’t wait for it to happen, because it won’t unless you make it happen.

You make it happen through the power of your thoughts, now, in this moment.

Whatever you want is here now.

You need only join with those thoughts, rather than joining with illusory thoughts or thoughts about effects.

As my thoughts align with truth, change will occur naturally, automatically as a by-product.

Some thoughts attach us to the truth, while other thoughts attach us to illusions.

If our experience contains an illusion, we can allow ourselves to believe it is the truth, and become hypnotized by it. Or, we can see through this illusion that it is in truth as something that is unreal. The less attention we give it, denying it has any reality at all, the faster it will dissolve into the nothingness that it is.

Cause and effect are simultaneous.

There is no separation of me and you, no boundary line where one of us begins and the other ends. We are one, in truth, because Oneness is all that exists.

If we are seeing separation, however, then we are seeing a duality that is not the reality. Deny its existence. Say it is not so enough times and eventually you will see the truth.

Because we can be separate, we are one with all of our brothers and sisters, as we are all one with God.

Only the ego mind can believe it is alone, but that is only a mistaken thought that needs to be corrected by the Holy Spirit.

Therefore how I treat everyone is how I treat myself.

Healing is the recognition that oneness is the truth while separation is an illusion.

Illusion needs your acceptance in order to sustain its false appearance.

Refuse to accept it.

Deny it with all your might and it will dissolve.

Think only the thoughts and feelings that you want to have as effects in your experience.

This is what it means to be conscious, to be awake.

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