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Lesson 67, March 8

Love created me like itself.

In the last lesson we stated that God is Love-Light, and that God has the qualities of being formless, changeless, eternal, infinite, and unlimited by time or space. God is also kind, holy, helpful, and perfect.

We are extensions of God, having all of these same qualities.

Unfortunately, most of us have a different image of who we think we are, as well as how we see other people.

Many of us hold images of ourselves and others that depict stories of unworthiness, smallness, failure, and similar ideas that reflect the opposite of what this lesson is telling us, that in truth, each of us is a “blazing light.”

Love-Light is our identity.

Love-Light is our true nature.

Love-Light is who we are.

Love-Light is what we are.

Love-Light is what we need to realize about ourselves.

Love-Light is what we need to remember about who we are.

Burn everything else that arises off with our brightly shining glorious Love-Light.

Embrace every piece of content in your life that you may still resist with the acceptance of your blazing Love-Light.

Leave nothing out of your own welcoming embrace.

Simply say yes to it all.

The beauty of A Course in Miracles is in part with its simplicity and elegance that focuses only on what is essential, the heart of essence.

Trying to understand your problems is the booby prize. A total waste of time and energy.

Loss does not exist so there is no need to grieve.

Similarly, learn to overlook illness, lack, and limitation.

Rise above everything that exists in the material world because it is only an effect , a projection , an appearance.

The Love-Light that created us like itself is all powerful enough to rise above every kind of story and illusion that the mind can conceive.

All stories dissolve in the Love-Light.

All shadows dissolve in the Love-Light.

All illusions dissolve in the Love-Light.

If love created us like itself then that is all that we need to connect with, the tiny ember that still glows with love that is now within you and that you are contained in.

Shine, shine, shine!

If Love-Light is our true nature, then all other ideas must be false. Anything in the world other than this Love-Light is only an illusion of nothingness that must dissolve in the powerful Light and Love of who we are radiating.

We cannot help but radiate our Love-Light when all that is not Love-Light has been released.

We cannot practice this lesson too much.

We need to listen to the truth about ourselves so frequently that it ultimately undoes the false images we have made, drowning out the noise and chatter of the ego’s stories of worthlessness that too many of us have become conditioned to hear.

Throughout the day we are asked to practice accepting that Love created us like itself.

We will recognize that we have accepted who we are as Love when differences and changes dissolve, when we can embrace all that is equally, and when all we see in others is ourselves.

Only the love remains.

Only love is extended.

This is the only truth behind the world of appearances.

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