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Lesson 194, July 13

I place the future in the hands of God.

Every moment that we give to God will make the next moment one that is free of sadness, pain, anxiety, and suffering.

Worry and fear are but a lack of trust in God’s power to take care of our future. We need no longer worry about our future survival.

When we are totally and wholly in the present moment, the Holy Instant, even grief does not exist.

There is no need to fear the future, although that is what the voice of our ego would like us to do.

The past, present, and future are all one and the same to God.

There is no time, but there is only the Holy Instant of now, of being in God. Only this is real.

All the rest is the illusion of separation.

Choose to use every moment as one to release, bless, receive, and feel God’s overflowing love within.

God, I trust that in Your hands I can rest untroubled, and assured that only good can come to me.

As with yesterday’s practice, today’s practice is undertaken to give us new habits of mind that will erase the years spent in wrong-mindedness.

God knows exactly what I need.

I now place my future in the Hands of God.

I am now willing to place any and all outcomes in the safe Hands of my Father.

I release my control which I never had any way but only thought I did.

We need only use our minds to invite to us the Holy Spirit’s corrections and guidance.

N = Now I ask, Holy Spirit to help me see ______ differently
R = Responsibility is mine to respond with appreciation, and Receive (LISTEN) Your guidance
G = Gratefully, I Go with God’s Guidance

Now, I Rest in God.

Now I am God’s clear and empty channel for His good to move through.

I trust that God will lead me to exactly where I belong.

I surrender all of my thoughts and return only to love.

Nothing is Real but God.

Now I Rest in God.

Now I Receive Your Guidance, with Gratitude.

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