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Lesson 3, January 3

I do not understand anything I see in this room, on this street, from this window, in this place.
I do not understand anything I see.

This lesson is a continuation of the exercises in the first two lessons that seeks to open up your mind up from its previous locked up state. In wanting to understand why things happen as they do, we inadvertently move away from the natural state of our innate wholeness and into a more reductionist way of viewing our lives. In doing so, we seemingly become trapped in an egoic state of analysis paralysis in which we become intent on dissecting whatever is going on in our lives by trying to make sense of it.

When we do this, we are misusing our faculty of judgment. We are making futile attempts at trying to understand what need not be understood by us.

Understanding our present is a pure waste of energy.

It actually prevents us from fully being present to show up for or live the contents of our life.

It blocks us from living life in the present moment, because trying to understand what is always takes us out of the experience of what is and hijacks us to go into the stories of our mind.

Understanding is unnecessary.

Only the ego mind has any interest in understanding.

What is needed is only your willingness to step back and allow the essence of who you are to come forth and preside fully over your inner experience.

Relax the hold your ego mind appears to want to have over the way you feel and think.

When you let go of the ego based need to understand anything, your true self will finally have some space to rise up out of the cluttered mind that the ego-centric thinking has created.

There is little room in a cluttered mind for God, or for the energy of love to be present and to flourish as who you really are.

The Holy Spirit is waiting to guide you to a life of freedom, peace, joy, and fulfillment.

Let all desire to understand go now.

Recognize and accept that I do not understand anything that I see.

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