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Lesson 149, May 29

My mind holds only what I think with God.
(137) When I am healed I am not healed alone.
(138) Heaven is the decision I must make.

Our decision for Heaven is an intention we make to surrender to having a total dependence on God.

Nothing needs to be other than it is.

Problems are not real.

What would happen if we focused on God as much as we focused on our problems?

Try it out!

For how long can you remain happy, for no reason at all, just being happy?

What causes your bubble of joy to burst?

Does an attack drag you down, or a negative feeling, or is it a problem you are making real, or a jealous moment?

Are you forgetting who you are again?

Are you falling back into the victim’s role or are you hiding behind your wall of defenses?

Heaven is the decision we make to choose only God, while taking in images of the world very loosely and lightly, even delightfully!

Let the problems and images we see in the world lose the meaning and value that we have given them.

A problem is but a grievance, an unloving thought that we hold on to.

Turn the problem or grievance or lack of love over to God.

Stop making our own value and worth dependent on the images and roles that the world reflects back to us. Those reflections are based on meanings that we have given them! They are not truth but merely imaginings belonging to the ego.

Ask to be shown their true meanings, instead.

Heaven is that part of our mind which is already aware of its true value and worthiness.

Are the thoughts in our minds confirming the world’s values or Heaven’s values?

Choose Heaven’s values and you carry God’s worth with you wherever you are.

Choose the world’s values and you have the frustration and disappointment of seeking value where it is not possible to be found.

In every moment, we are always choosing either the world or Heaven.

Choose to join with Heaven.

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