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Lesson 79, March 20

Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.

For many of us, there seems no end to the problems that we are confronted with, nor does there seem any period of time in which we are free of these problems. In addition, every person appears to have different, special and unique problems from every other person.

We may also have grown comfortable with pointing our fingers at outside causes to blame for these challenges. Our habits of seeking to fix, change, or do something in the world to erase the problem is futile yet it guarantees that we will constantly have struggle in our lives.

These endless supply of challenges appears to guarantee that our problems are unsolvable, leaving us with feelings of failure, overwhelm, despair, and inadequacy.

This lesson helps us to recognize that even though we may think we have a myriad of problems, each with its own solution, there is really only one single problem that each of us has.

At the root of all of the various forms of our problems is the one problem, and both its source and its solution lie within the thoughts in our minds. Recognizing this fills us with untold relief and peace.

The one problem we have is a belief that we have separated ourselves from God, Light, and Love.

Our thoughts and feelings have grown aligned with our belief in being separate from our Source.

This rejection of God and Love is the one and only problem behind every challenge we believe we face, no matter what form the challenge takes.

The belief in separation that is at the root of every problem is a mistaken belief, therefore we already have the solution to the problem.

Our ego does not want us to recognize the problem because to do so would mean the ego’s certain death. It would mean the end of our unique self-images, personalities, stories, bodies, and behaviors.

To free our minds of our challenges, we need to stop defining by ourselves what the problem is for every difficulty that crosses our minds. We need to recognize that there is another way of looking at every minor difficulty and major problem we seem to have.

The problems that we think we have offer us the opportunity to recognize this mistaken belief that we hold on to and what the truth is instead.

Ask to recognize the truth whatever the form of the problem, difficulty, or discomfort is and then wait to hear the answer.

Then ask to recognize what the solution to it is, and then wait to hear that answer.

Instead of focusing on problems or difficulties, keep our attention focused on remembering the love and light of God that we can never be separate from.

Our purpose is to say, “No” to the ego’s thought system, and Remain aligned with the heart of God instead.

In every situation, ask to be used by God for His purpose, as a channel of communication to extend love and connection.

Peace will be ours as we unite both the problem and the solution.

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