Lesson 130, May 10

It is impossible to see two worlds.

As we make the choice for one world, the other is obliterated from our view.

The choice that we make becomes what we perceive.

With desire in our hearts and the focused attention of our minds we are making the choice for the world of God’s light, love, and laughter, which is the only thing that has value.

Love has no opposition, but if we value or accept the world of separation, we will have made the choice against Heaven, and the unreality of hell is what we will perceive in our daily experience.

What we see is completely a reflection of what is in our minds.

Only one perception can occupy our minds.

We perceive what we have given value to.

What we value becomes what we see.

What we see becomes what we think.

We are always at choice.

We can never be a victim of anything.

There are only two choices.

There is only the choice for God, or, against God which means for the ego.

If we are seeing the world of separation, then recognize that we are free to change our minds to choose differently.

God, give us the strength to see your world and not the fearful experiences we have made.

As this lesson instructs, we are free throughout the day to respond to anything that we don’t want, “This is not a part of what I want,” or, “I don’t want this anymore.”

We are always at choice to experience what we desire.

All it takes is for us to partner with the Holy Spirit in every moment of our day and to ask to see things differently.

It is impossible to see two worlds.

If we are thinking thoughts that are focused on lack, limitation, and fear then we are living in the ego’s world.

Sickness and lack thrive in the ego’s world.

The only change we need to make is at the level of our thinking. Making changes in the world is ineffective and ephemeral. It doesn’t heal the source of the problem.

If we are agreeing even one tiny bit with what the ego’s voice is telling us then we are rejecting God’s world.

This lesson is telling us that our decision for or against God is an all or nothing choice. Like a light switch, it is either on or off, with no in-between.

There is only one problem.

And the solution to that one problem is in our minds.

It is impossible to see two worlds.

Let’s get in the habit of making the choice for love, light, and happy laughter in every moment of our day.

Let’s learn to do more of what the light that we are naturally does—Shine!

Let us shine our joyful light and love far and wide on all that we see.

Let us extend to our brothers what God has extended to us.

In so doing, we are being God, expressing our true Selves.

It is our purpose to shine, to be a demonstration of the truth.

Is your life a demonstration of the ego or of God?

It is impossible to see two worlds.

Decide now to Shine!