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Lesson 92, April 2

Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.

Strength is the truth about us, weakness is a lie, an illusion.

Our strength comes from God.

We are at our strongest when we can depend only on God, completely surrendering to His love.

We must be willing to be led in every moment by God.

We must be willing to trust only in God, in good, and to recognize that we may not know what anything that is here now in our lives is for. Just realize that it is all here for the purpose of awakening us.

God is our one Source and Strength, and having His Peace, we can offer to everyone else what we, ourselves have received.

It is His Light that enables us to see and His Mind that enables us to think.

Through our body’s eyes we see only weakness. We see the small, weak, sick, dying, poor, helpless, starving, and joyless.

Appearances are constantly changing with the tide and can therefore never show us the truth.

Strength overlooks all appearances because strength sees past form. Strength is singly focused only on the light that is hidden within all form.

Strength sees the light, and unites with this light because it sees itself.

Strength recognizes Light as its own Self.

Light and Strength are one.

Darkness causes us to perceive what is not real, and there what is not really there. We have invested our body’s eyes in seeing what is weak and limited, when in truth nothing is happening at all. Form is meaningless. All form is but an effect of the past.

We are not the body’s eyes.

We are not weak or limited.

We are Mind.

We are the light and love of Spirit.

Look beyond all form to see the spark of light in everyone and everything.

Strength shines with constancy on everyone with an unlimited supply of the light of God’s Love. This spark of light never flickers nor goes out nor dims.

This spark of Divinity within us may be so tiny from never being noticed before that it is barely there, however it can never go out.

This spark, however small or dim it has grown from disuse or neglect remains our connection to the Infinite strength of God.

This spark is our Inner Glow.

We cannot fail, if only for an instant moment, to let this spark of light lead us away from all darkness if what we desire is for our self is to meet our Self. This is the point where true vision lights up our minds.

In this light are miracles perceived.

We have the power to see every situation differently.

However, we must first look at the darkness of our wrong-minded thoughts before we can see the light because not looking or looking away keeps us protected from awakening to the truth.

Our strength within guides our seeing so we can avoid seeing with our body’s eyes.

Bring every one of our doubts, fears, and lacks to awareness and expose them in the light, so that they can dissolve.

Trust in God’s strength to lead us back home to where we already are.

Here, at Home, our self meets our Self, the meeting place where Light and Strength are united as one.

Today, sink deeply into this one meeting place place where our Self unites with God’s Light.


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