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Lesson 103, April 13

God being Love is also happiness.

With happiness as our function, it must also be our choice to be loving.

Being love, means we are being happy.

Without love, we cannot be happy.

Love being synonymous with God means that the quality of happiness is also an attribute of love and of God.

Where love and God are, happiness must also be found.

If God and Love exist everywhere, then so, too, must happiness exist everywhere.

In yesterday’s lesson we explained that when we are unhappy, it is because the love that we are has become hidden beneath the pain that has risen to the forefront in our minds. We are valuing the pain so much so that it has obliterated the love that we are.

When we reject love and God, we are also rejecting happiness, although the idea that we are the ones pushing away God, love, and happiness may seem odd to us.

Happiness is everywhere in every moment, but our heads have become buried in the sand.

What reason would we have to choose to feel sad and depressed instead of feeling happy?

Who in their right mind would ever make such a choice?


We cannot be in our right mind if we are making a choice for unhappiness and against joy!

Obviously the problem is that we are being wrong-minded, we are in our ego mind if we are choosing sadness and unhappiness over joyfulness and peace of mind.

Once again, we are learning the truth that we are doing this to ourselves.

We have fallen into the trap of believing that pain and sadness are real, and that love and happiness are limited.

Recognizing our role and responsibility in creating our own state of unhappiness gives us the power to change our state of mind.

We have forgotten that Nothing is Real except God’s love, peace, and happiness.

Remembering the truth, we can now make a new choice.

We can stop rejecting God.

We can stop accepting sadness as the only truth.

Sadness, depression, and unhappiness are choices that we have made when we have placed fear at the forefront of our minds. Fear leaves little or no room for God.

Only our beliefs can keep us trapped in such a foolish nightmare.

Only our faulty beliefs are keeping us in a state of wrong-mindedness, or ego-mindedness.

False beliefs can be corrected.

Ask yourself why you insist on accepting the lie of lack and limitation.

Where love and happiness have appeared to be limited, consider that it was you who defined the limits they possessed.

When will you accept the truth?

Truth remains the unchanging truth.

It is not possible to be without God’s love for that is what we are.

It is not possible to be without happiness.

Step out of the fear and pain.

It is only your mind that needs to change.

Stop trying so hard to make changes on your own. You are never alone.

Let God carry you through the storms.

Lean on the Holy Spirit in your mind.

Realize that it is safe to take your head out of the sand.

Take down all of the walls that you have put up to keep you from experiencing your vulnerability.

The wall was built with your grievances, resentments, and regrets.

One by one, ask to be released from all of your wrong-minded thinking and for all of your fearful thoughts to be corrected by the Holy Spirit.

Rejoice this day, knowing the truth that God, being Love, is also happiness, and therefore happiness is what we are.

You are never alone.

God is here.

Love is here.

Happiness is here.

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