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Lesson 205, July 24

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.
(185) I want the peace of God

Peace, like happiness, is a decision that we make. The peace and happiness we feel can never be affected by events in the world or in our exterior lives.

Every thought that is not aligned with God’s peace and happiness needs to be released from our minds, like weeds in a garden.

Just let all unpeaceful thoughts and feelings go without reflecting on them, dwelling on them, wondering about them, etc. Give it all to the Holy Spirit immediately, at first awareness.

Don’t think, but simply allow God to breathe us, think us, speak us, and move us.

Feeling peaceful and happy, we are in God’s Heavenly Presence.

Be present with this day, for that is all we have.

Be the peace and happiness we want now, because there is nothing that exists outside of our minds.

Accept it in mind first, constantly, and consistently.

Whenever we are aware that we are not choosing peace and happiness, immediately give the feeling or thought over to the Holy Spirit and ask that our minds be corrected.

Let go of the ego’s voice and I will align my will with God’s will. It is only hard to let go if we agree to it being difficult.

I pray to accept the love, happiness, laughter, and peace that is my nature and to use my body and talents to communicate this love, happiness, laughter, and peace.

I will not value what is valueless for I already H.A.V.E. what is valuable.

The world limits God’s love and expands the ego’s conflicts.

The peace of God is only a word and thought and feeling away.

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