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Lesson 75, March 16

The light has come.

This lesson is a positive affirmation letting us know that we are already healed and that we bring our inner peace with us wherever we go.

Reading this lesson can almost feel frightening if it appears there is too big a gap between the ego’s shadows that we think we still see or identify with and an expression of God’s light that in truth we are yet think we are not yet being.

If we are not experiencing ourselves yet as light it is only because we continue to think that illusions of stories, personalities, bodies, and behaviors are real.

We have forgotten that Nothing is Real but God’s Light and Love.

When we are still using the body’s eyes rather than our loving hearts to see, it may feel discouraging to read this lesson which may be the most uplifting of all of the 365 lessons in A Course in Miracles.

But rather than feel discouraged, we can release our judgment of ourselves and also remember that there are 290 lessons remaining for us to achieve our goal of experiencing the love, light, and laughter that is our true identity.

Every instance where we feel held back is an opportunity to learn to ask the Holy Spirit to show us where we are still believing that what appears to the body’s eyes and ears is the truth.

We need but have the willingness to recognize the truth that all that we look upon is our own thoughts.

Ask God to reveal the fearful thoughts behind all appearances.

Then ask to have His light that formerly was hidden be revealed instead.

Whenever we think illusions are real we are growing bigger shadows of the false self of the ego.

Every unhappy thought that comes up to oppose this lesson’s happy thought that the light has come is an opportunity in the powerful present moment in our minds to recognize that we are still holding on to dark mistaken thoughts.

Know that it is in our confident acceptance that the light is already here, that we will see that what we desire in our minds is out-pictured in our world.

The ego’s shadows only show us that we still have forgiveness and releasing work that needs to be done.

For example, we can judge a brother who appears to be displaying objectionable behavior, or, we can decide to forgive this brother, ignoring appearances and asking the Holy Spirit to show us his innocence instead. In that instance we have made a decision to look past any behavior we feel should be different and instead recognize it as our brother’s call for love. The behavior also represents our own release of a mistaken thought about ourselves that our brother was reflecting back to us. The behavior therefore can also be viewed as a gift given to us from our brother.

This lesson reminds us that our singleness of purpose and forgiveness makes the reality of our goal inevitable.

God help me to forgive. Let me rejoice in the power of forgiveness to completely heal my sight.

In any moment that I feel I am being pulled into the ego’s darkness, help me to remember to say, “The light has come, I forgive you.”

Release me from the darkness of the past.

Release me from thinking that stories, personalities, bodies, and behaviors are real.

The light is in and all around me, but my thoughts and images have prevented me from seeing it.

Therefore, I have been the cause of all the unhappiness that I experienced.

God, wash clean my mind of the ego’s shadows that still appear to me in the world so that Your Vision that forgiveness entitles me to see will be revealed.

Let me now allow everyone and everything to be exactly as it is, for as I say and do nothing, I will see the love that exists beyond all meaningless forms and fears.

Make the decision every day to have a happy, wonderful day because this love is growing in my mind’s recognition of it.

The light in me has grown from a tiny spark into a brightly shining inner glow.

The light has come.

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