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Lesson 218, August 6

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.
(198) Only my condemnation injures me

When we condemn we are judging.

When we judge, we are creating duality out of oneness. We are leaving our formless home with God, as spirit and energy, and joining with the ego instead.

When we judge we believe we are separate.

To condemn and judge is a prayer of using our attention to make real what is not real.

Believing we are separate is our one problem, according to A Course in Miracles.

The one answer, then, is to ask the Holy Spirit to take charge of our thoughts, our actions, our words, and our vision.

Holy Spirit, help me to turn away from the ego’s loud voice.

Holy Spirit, heal my mind of my unreal projections. Help me to withdraw this darkness that I have used to cover up God’s Light and Love.

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