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Lesson 71, March 12

Only God’s plan for salvation will work.

The ego’s plan for salvation is about grievances that have us holding on to ideas that claim that if this person or organization would say or do something differently then our lives would improve, or as A Course in Miracles puts it, we would be saved.

This notion shows us how our perception of having power to change anything as being outside of ourselves.

Apparently, in this plan, the only thing that we have to do for the plan to work is to determine, or, judge, what others need to do or not do so that we can be more happy, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous.

Obviously the ego’s plan for our salvation, to create a better life, is not working! It can never work! It is an insanity that guarantees we will continue to fail at creating a better life for ourselves.

Only God’s plan for salvation will work and only following God’s guidance will allow us to feel happy and free.

Remember, our happiness is God’s will.

The ego, however, would rather be right than happy!

But happiness is never an outside job.

Happiness is a choice, a decision that we make in our minds.

Change can never occur in the outside world for the outside world is a world of illusions that are merely a reflection that are the effects of the one cause which is only in our minds.

Our only relationship is with God, therefore God’s plan for our happiness is certain.

God is in our minds and so we can instantly have a happier life just by changing our minds and choosing to be happy now. Nothing outside of ourselves needs to first change or be different.

Just let go of our own plans by ignoring personalities, bodies, and behaviors, rising above fear, stories, and resistance, and then again and again choosing only to see light, love, oneness, and God.

Be the love, light, laughter, peace, and joy that you are, and that is the only “cause” that will create the happy “effects” you seek.

Find it in your mind, first, the ONLY place where happiness, wisdom, health, and wealth can be found.


Give your own plan up already!

Your plan has never worked and will never work.

His plan cannot fail, for all things are possible to God.

Our plan can never succeed other than to make us feel even more angry and despairing than we have already experienced.

If our plan was working we wouldn’t be reading A Course in Miracles, would we?

Have you had enough of being sick and tired?

Make today’s lesson one that you make a habit of practicing every day, and every hour.

Today’s practice asks us to seek guidance from God, and then to listen for God’s response. And, most importantly, for us to let go of interfering with God’s plan and trying to control the results.

Trust the results God gives us.

This lesson sets into motion a specific practice of asking God to reveal His plan to us by asking:

“What would You have me do?
Where would You have me go?
What would You have me say, and to whom?”

I am your faithful servant, God.

I am willing to release all of my idols and meaningless thoughts so that I may surrender only to You. I am willing to say “No” to my own thoughts and feelings, so that I may Follow only Yours.

The answers we need will be revealed to us in direct proportion to our willingness to hear God’s answers and direction.

And remember constantly that holding grievances opposes God’s plan. You cannot repeat this idea in your mind and out loud too many times!

Today’s lesson offers us a two-step dance to a certain happy life.


Then listen.




Listen… and Follow through.

Let God carry me all the way home.

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