Lesson 121, May 1

Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

Today’s lesson teaches us to practice forgiveness, simply by ignoring all form and errors, and instead, holding our complete attention only on God’s happy qualities of light, love, and laughter.

Love has no space in an unforgiving mind that is filled with fear, pain, sadness, doubt, anger, confusion, and darkness.

The unforgiving mind knows only feelings of despair, suffering, and hopelessness created by holding on to grievances and making errors real.

An unforgiving mind terrorizes only itself with its refusal to make space for God’s happy qualities of light, love, and laughter.

The Holy Spirit will teach us how to be forgiving so that the dark and painful fears that fill our minds can dissolve back into nothingness, and our Selves can return to the love that never left but was hidden.

We learn to be forgiving so that we, ourselves may be forgiven.

To give is to receive.

We have a stubborn ego, that has insisted on being right. In making this choice repeatedly, we have taught ourselves to make real errors and form.

Seeing our enemies, errors, forms, and grievances with the body’s physical eyes places limits on our perception that create even more images of separation.

With forgiveness, we learn to look beyond separating individual behaviors and words so that we can see with our true Self the living qualities of God beneath all form.

Forgiveness transforms guilt into innocence, and enemies into friends.

Now we will learn to dissolve all pain and see God’s happy spark of light, love, and laughter revealed.

This lesson will show us how to practice making an enemy into a savior so that we can all receive God’s qualities of light, love, and laughter that we first learn to give to both an enemy and a friend.

In our minds eye, see someone who we dislike. In this person look for their inner spark of light, love, and laughter, and imagine seeing it glow into bigger and brighter rays until we can look upon this person as now reflecting only rays of good and happy feelings.

Then, in our minds eye, see someone that we like and fill this image with the same spark of light, love, and laughter that we learned to see as rays in and around and coming from the one we once felt dislike for.

Now, see these two people pouring forth to us their happy sparks of light, love, and laughter radiating from the rays that we have seen in and around both of them.

Finally, see the three of us joined as one happy spark radiating light, love, and laughter to each other and to all the world.

Forgiveness is opening the door to our happiness.