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Lesson 10, January 10

My thoughts do not mean anything.

My thoughts do not mean anything because they are not my real thoughts.

This lesson says that the prerequisite for vision is recognizing that our mind is in truth blank because the presence of thoughts does not mean that we are thinking.

This is equally true for happy thoughts as well as distressing thoughts.

None of our thoughts mean anything.

“This idea will help to release me from all that I now believe.”

If my thoughts are only showing me what’s meaningless or if my thoughts are showing me the past, then when I am taken in by the thoughts that I am having, I am taking my attention off of the present moment. I am then not present but instead, I am staying stuck in the past. I am also creating a veil of judgment over what I am seeing rather than allowing a greater vision to come to me.

The truth is that I am humbly responsible for creating the veil that is preventing me from seeing.

I cannot receive much because everything appears as cluttered by my past and by my judgments.

I am also out of touch with my Authentic, True Self which this veil is obscuring.

I have albeit unconsciously rejected and abandoned this Self, this reflection of God, replacing my Authenticity with a worthless substitution. I have devalued who I am, in favor of a dream self that does not exist in reality.

I ask the Holy Spirit to transform this false self-image that I have made, returning it to dust, to nothingness.

This image has falsely ruled my thoughts and feelings, but regardless of how long this condition has existed, I know that who I am beneath the surface of any false image is still the undefiled reflection of God’s pure Love Light.

This is great news! I need not take my thoughts seriously any more! I need no longer accept my thoughts and feelings as facts. They are merely energy that is transformed back into the energy of love as soon as I release the hold that my judgments have on all them.

While it may or may not take earthly time to forgive myself for taking these false thoughts and untrue feelings about my innate value and worth as a child of God, as well as the innate value and worth of all of my brothers and sisters as pure children of a Living God, I am blessed by this lesson to Now Recognize God in each of us, as I simultaneously detach from all of my meaningless thoughts.

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