Lesson 132, May 12

I loose the world from all I thought it was.

Release our minds from all of our idle, meaningless, fear-filled thoughts.

Our thoughts alone imprison us.

We are chained to the past by our thoughts alone because the past is over.

The fears and doubts about the future that clutter our minds also have their source solely in our thoughts.

Living in the present moment we can find escape from the world of our thoughts, from the thoughts that have created a world we feel enslaved by.

The world is nothing.

The world has no meaning.

There is no world.

There is nothing outside of our minds.

The world we are seeing is the world we have created in our minds.

Just change our minds about what we want to see.

What could be easier?

What gives us more power?

That the world does not exist is the central idea in A Course in Miracles.

Change your mind.

That part of us that is thinking thoughts of separation, sickness, and poverty is the ego mind that thinks its thoughts apart from God.

The ego is not real but is a dream we made up.

Release all of the ego’s thoughts of separation, sickness, and poverty.

Only our ego’s thoughts can maintain the world of separation, sickness, and poverty.

Release the world.

The world is all of the thoughts that we think apart from God.

We are already at home in God.

We remain forever as God created us.

When we change our minds the whole world changes, both for ourselves and for all of our brothers.

We have the power to see what we want to see in our world.

Is that not astounding?

How are we using our God-given power?

What are we choosing to see?

Open our minds to see what we want.

Let love flow through us.

Nothing is Real but God’s love.

Let the rest dissolve back into nothingness.

The world is not what we thought it was.

The world is just an effect of our thoughts.

We loose the world from all we thought it was, and choose, instead, our own reality.

Love is the only reality.

Let us choose to see only Love.