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Undoing Ego Mind’s Beliefs

A Course in Miracles teaches us that the undoing of the ego mind is a period where we open to develop greater trust in our spirituality, the true reality of love, the Christ Vision. In my book of ACIM in plain language, Guide…, I refer to this consciousness as Nothing is Real but God’s energy of love. Vision is an experience of perceiving and sensing energy beyond material appearances. The forms can be happiness, joy, laughter, fear, lightheartedness, etc. 

Back when I experienced many emotional crises, I perceiving situations through filters of low self-esteem and parental abandonment, and Separation. I knew these thoughts in my mind were healed when I once tried to imagine a friend’s ego thought system. her point of view was no longer the visceral, deep sensate emotional experience it once was for me. Now, it became a detached view in which I could empathize with her pain without taking it on myself. Witnessing someone else’s experience by being on the bridge and not in the water. I had advanced beyond the ego’s thought system.

It was joyful, but it soon faded. This frightened me as I did not yet understand the real world, love, or the Christ Vision as a perception in which we recognize reality as not in the world, but through an awareness of the love in our heart. I had yet to learn that reacting to my acceptance of my ego mind’s beliefs in separation, guilt, abandonment, put me on a roller coaster that  flung me to and fro.


Process for Undoing the Ego Mind:

  1. Holy Spirit, I am willing to let You lead me.
  2. Guide me to hold an intention to remember God as love within me and all.
  3. Guide me to feel the connection of focusing my attention less on form and more on the energies within all form.
  4. Reveal to me what wants to be expressed through me now.
  5. Reveal to me what wants to be revealed to me within the content I perceive in my life now.
  6. Holy Spirit, guide me to listen to God’s voice to know where to go, what to do, what to say, and who to say it to.


the Holy Spirit is what helped me to undoing my ego mind’s beliefs . This brought me to a place within me where I finally experienced lasting peace. My experience of the real world, love, and the Christ Vision grew slowly and as it did, my perception and experience of the world of form and matter changed radically. The more my ego’s thoughts became undone, the more I was aware of seeing the world differently than how I once saw it.

The reality of love, and the Christ Vision are here now, in my conscious awareness most of the time. I quietly embrace abandonment, fear, guilt, and separation as obstacles that I no longer choose to accept or believe in. I now prefer to see innocence and unity, which I can see in another even if the other cannot see it. In time innocence will be their truth as well.


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