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Lesson 87, March 28

(73) I will there be light.

(74) There is no will but God’s.

(73) I will there be light.

Light and Love is the one Guide that we need to follow to wherever they lead.

We are here only to be truly helpful.

Ask God what needs to be done by us, then listen to God’s voice for His response, and follow through with the action that we are called to take, or not take.

Sometimes we need to take actions that we don’t really want to take. Do them anyway, with trust that it will become easier.

This is the right use of our will.

God’s will and our will are the same.

There is only one will.

We can use the power of our will to choose or decide that there will be light.

Realize there is no other will, thus no other choice except between reality and illusion.

Illusions include our ego salvations or false idols such as money, diets, jobs, and relationships. We think that these are problems in need of solutions, when in truth, they are only shadows that are covering up the light of God.

Ask to see these shadows differently, to see the light that they have obscured.

We will to see the light.

(74) There is no will but God’s.

The assurance of our total safety and security lies in the truth that there is only God’s will.

Feeling afraid, threatened, or in need of attack means that we believe there is another will apart from God’s will.

Whenever we do feel threatened or afraid because we believe in the false reality of what bodies are doing or saying, we need to ask God to help us step back to see these projections more lightly so that we have a firmer grasp on what is real and what is not real. We need to accept the meaninglessness of what is not real.

When we realize we are always at home in God’s love and light because only love is real, our fear will dissolve in the light and we can feel the true comfort and support of knowing there is only God’s will.

Our purpose is to awaken everyone to the fact they are included in God’s peace and safety because there is no other will than His.

Imagine mentally greeting everyone today, saying,

“You stand with me in the light. And Now we can Relax and Rest in God.”

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