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Lesson 122, May 2

Forgiveness offers everything I want.

Forgiveness is the answer to all of our wanting, needing, and seeking.

Forgiveness brings us peace, purpose, protection, worthiness, and deep comfort.

Forgiveness lifts the veil of darkness that unforgiveness has put in its place, replacing all of our painful thoughts with the innocence that reveals God’s peace and love that had become hidden.

Forgiveness asks us to see past the constantly changing and meaningless appearances and circumstances to the unchanging eternal presence within all of those forms that is waiting for us to recognize, receive, and accept it.

Our practice is to recognize that our true identity is the eternal which never changes, while our false identity is the ephemeral which is constantly changing.

We are practicing to see the spiritual beyond the physical.

We are practicing to feel changeless love beyond all of our changing reasons for withholding that love.

When we make offering love and gratitude our one single response, both to our brothers as well as to ourselves, we are connecting to God instead of our ego.

We will receive God’s gifts as we are the first to give them.

We receive and accept God’s gifts now.

This lesson is teaching us to feel deeply the happiness, joy, and peacefulness that forgiveness offers to us. Hold onto these gifts by giving them our attention for one minute in every fifteen minutes that pass.

Forgiveness has given us everything we want.

Thank you.

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