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Lesson 184, July 3

The name of God is my inheritance.

When we name something, we are attempting to define the thing that we are labeling as separate from the whole.

That separation is not the truth, however.

This lesson is simply teaching us to look past the artificial separation which naming something achieves.

Knowing that the name of God is an illusory separating device, helps us to see past the name to the truth that God’s wholeness can never become separated or fragmented.

Each of us already is a part of the whole and unified by the One Mind of our Father. Separation can never occur in reality but only seems real in our minds.

Our ego will always find ways to create separation and illusion instead of recognizing wholeness.

But the ego is having less of a hold on our minds because we are becoming less resistant about going to the Holy Spirit to undo these false and mistaken beliefs.

God’s oneness and our own is the only truth.

And only truth is true.

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