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Lesson 29, January 29

God is in everything I see.

Sometimes acceptance can be a hard lesson to learn, but one that we need to get if we are to learn today’s lesson.

This lesson asks us to look on all things with love, appreciation, and open-mindedness.

We can receive what the world gives us, we can surrender to what is going on in our lives.

When we can do all of this, then we are seeing God in everything.

Seeing God does not mean that we receive a physical image of God.

Seeing God means that we are able to feel God’s Presence within ourselves.

Feeling this presence from inside ourselves, means that we are naturally able to infuse everything that we see on the outside with this overflowing sense of lovingness.

Like the song says, “Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.”

What we see in the outer world is only an effect of what is first experienced inside of ourselves.

We are training our minds to experience the Presence of God in every moment. It is first an experience that emanates from within us, a light in us that shines brighter every day onto everything that it looks upon.

We are simply making the choice to see God, Good, Oneness.

We are also making a choice to no longer acknowledge separation.

And when we can do that, that is when we have Vision, says A Course in Miracles.

Seeing love and light in everything, laughing in every moment of the day, that is what it means to be alive.

Seeing God in everything is the reason why we can feel happy every moment.

This is not always easy to accomplish but in time, with practice, we can see God in everything and be happy, regardless of the effects that we are seeing in the world.

Everything we see has the single purpose of showing us God.

Nothing is Real except God’s Love Light and Laughter.

As you learn to see God in everything, you are allowing whatever is not God’s Love Light and Laughter to dissolve.

Let there be Love and Lightness in the world, and let it begin with me.

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