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Lesson 74, March 15

There is no will but God’s.

We cannot have conflicting goals because there is only one will.

Our will is one with God’s will.

We are each an expression of God’s will.

Where there seems to be another will aside from God’s will, then it is we who are making illusions real. Illusions are nothing more than mistaken perceptions about separation, guilt, loss, lack, and limitation.

Having conflicts means we are believing the appearances we see, and we’ve forgotten that they are only effects made manifest by the mistaken judgments in our minds.

When we are in conflict it is only because we are identifying ourselves as bodies, behaviors, personalities, and stories. None of that is true, because only light and love are real.

Conflict can only occur in our thoughts, the breeding grounds for every problem we think we have.

What conflict could light have if light is just being light and shining on all just as the sun does?

Being in conflict means our attention is focused our thoughts. When we shine as the light being that we are our attention is centered in our hearts.

Remember the truth by moving your attention out of your head and into your heart.

Think of a situation in which you have a conflict. Tell yourself that the conflict and God’s will cannot both be real. Conflicting thoughts are meaningless.

Bring every thought that is not a loving thought (mistaken fear-filled beliefs and grievances) to the Holy Spirit to be transformed into a loving, innocent thought.

Move your attention out of your head to a peaceful place in your heart and experience the peace that has always surrounded you.

Allow nothing to disturb this peaceful presence.

When we have goals and things to do but are not sure if following them is our will or God’s will, remind yourself to relax because there is no will but God’s.

God, I am open to Your will, the only will.

God, I trust that with your knowledge of the bigger picture that you are guiding each of us rightly in every moment.

Show me where to go, what to do, what to say, and to whom.

Where I feel unhappy or uncomfortable in a situation, God help me to recognize that I am making a judgment, and that it is this judgment, my mistaken perception, that is causing this conflict.

Help me to remember that I never need to fix or change the conflict.

Let me recognize that the conflict is there to remind me that I am holding on to thoughts of separation and judgment, and that they are arising because I am identifying with the unreal ego and the body rather than identifying with the light-hearted reality of God’s peaceful presence.

God, I am an expression of Your will.

And the truth is that there is no will but Yours.

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