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Lesson 108, April 18

To give and to receive are one in truth.

Today’s idea is powerful as it integrates the apparent split between opposites that wrong-mindedness perceives.

Allowing all opposites to be transformed in our minds, will heal the split-mind, returning it to its natural state of one-mindedness, where love is the only perception.

Light is but the integration of all illusions, conflicts, and mistaken beliefs.

The state of one-mindedness is where all opposites are integrated into a unified state of mind, in which we perceive True Vision. This is the Christ mind, where we experience only one single perception.

True vision is recognized by a unified state of mind which does not perceive darkness at all.

True vision recognizes giving and receiving are not opposites at all but are the same, happening simultaneously rather than one after the other.

Both giving and receiving occur together, thus seeming opposites are reconciled and perceived as one.

Understand this idea and we will understand how all apparent opposites perceived by the split mind are reconciled and experienced as the state of one-mindedness.

This lesson will show us how to reconcile perceived opposites of giving and receiving, but we can use this teaching to reconcile all perceived opposites, including happiness and fear.

For today’s hourly five minute practice, we will offer peace to all those around us. Then, we will notice if we receive peace in return.

First, connect with our True Self where our experience of peace is always found, and then, offer peace to everyone we think of today as well as to everyone we meet.

Notice, then, whether or not we feel peaceful in our experience.

If we are feeling peaceful after offering peace to others, this lesson will have served its purpose of showing us that giving and receiving are one in truth because their occurrence happened simultaneously.

Perhaps this lesson can also help us realize that giving an attack thought to another will result in an attack being simultaneously aimed at, or, received by us.

When we reconcile any pair or perceived opposites, like fear and happiness, it is not to avoid or push away one in place of the other.

Fear and happiness, nor any other pair of perceived opposites, can never be separate, for all perceived separation is a lie, a symptom of wrong-mindedness, as well as right-mindedness.

Our aim is always to embrace the energy of both extremes and allow the darker energy to transform into the same energy of light that its perceived opposite already is.

Embrace them both as the one that in truth they already are.

Embrace whatever painful emotions that our errors of mistaken beliefs and illusions have engendered.

Acknowledge all painful struggles and suffering as the particular learning experience that we have chosen.

We are the only author of our experience for there is nothing outside of our minds.

Nothing but thought and mind exists. The world we see is always the thoughts in our minds given form.

In truth, thoughts never leave our minds.

The primary message of A Course in Miracles is to STOP relating to form and physical bodies that our eyes perceive. Instead, relate to the truth, to the heart, to ENERGY.

Take lightly all that our physical eyes see.

Allow insight to replace sight, let true Vision to replace all form.

Vision encompasses the invisible energy that is behind every appearance and form that we initially see.

When we ask the Holy Spirit to see anything differently, it is Vision that we want. We want to see with our hearts.

We can see whatever our attention is focused on.

Choose well what to attend to in our minds.

In every moment, make the decision to see the truth of peace, love, gratitude, and joy.

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