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Lesson 141, May 21

My mind holds only what I think with God.
(121) Forgiveness is the key to happiness.
(122) Forgiveness offers everything I want.

If peace and happiness are our only goals, what is stopping us from having these experiences now?

Can we choose to be at peace regardless of what is or isn’t happening now in our lives?

Can we choose to be happy in spite of whatever we think is in the way of our happiness?

If the answer is no to either question, what would have to be different in order to answer yes to either question?

Forgiveness offers everything I want and is also the also the key to happiness.

Happiness cannot be experienced without forgiveness, which we need to direct mostly towards ourselves.

Any thoughts we hold that are not about love means that we are choosing the ego over God.

There are no buts….

This is a time to be totally honest with ourselves.

In every moment, we are either choosing to align with God or with the ego.

If we are in the habit of siding with the ego, both being honest with ourselves about this choice as well as making new, consistent choices for God are not easy to do.

Find support, dig deep to connect with your inner strength, be creative, and tap into your resourcefulness.

Make no changes other than the only change that matters, which is in consciousness.

In consciousness we can find the only love we need.

Love is who and what we are.

Love is in us.

Looking for love in any outward material form is seeking substance in images and effects.

Love can never be found in form.

Stop looking already!

We can stop denying the love that we are by forgiving ourselves for thinking thoughts and feeling feelings that have denied our reality of love.

Forgive ourselves for holding images in our minds that dictate the way people, places, and things are supposed to be.

Let all of those forms of people, places, and things go their own way, just as we are free to go our way.

Release all of the images in mind about how the world should or shouldn’t be, along with all the images of how we should or shouldn’t be.

We need to have minds free of clutter, so that God’s voice of love can be heard by us.

Forgive ourselves for the thoughts and images we hold. Hand them over to the Holy Spirit and ask for the energy that we have locked up inside our judgments be freed and transformed.

Release the beliefs we hold that tell us we could ever be separate from love or that we need to go seeking for love.

Holy Spirit, undo what we have done.

Let us perceive the love that we are.

Love is here, now.

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