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Lesson 159, June 8

I give the miracles I have received.

Today’s lesson echoes the idea from yesterday’s lesson that to know we have something we first must give that thing away.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that giving something away is how we can recognize that we possess it.

The world teaches us that before we can give something away we must first have it.

So how can we recognize our own innocence?

Acknowledge the innocence in our brothers first and then we will see it within ourselves.

When we give healing, we are healed.

When we forgive, then we are forgiven.

This lesson tells us that Christ’s vision is the miracle, because it is a reflection of love that imagines only Heaven’s innocence is the one true reality.

Christ’s vision, then, is the Source of all miracles.

Christ’s vision is the bridge that carries us from the world that we made through our ego to the heavenly world that our charity of offering forgiveness to everyone will reveal.

Through our gifts of forgiveness our Christ vision will be restored.

Therefore, to have Christ’s vision, let us first offer forgiveness to all of our brothers.

We can become more charitable when we are willing to surrender to God and be completely emptied of everything by bringing all of our moment to moment thoughts, images, and feelings to the Holy Spirit so that we may see things differently.

Let us ask to become a clear channel to be filled only with the Christ vision, the Holy Instant.

Holy Spirit, heal our thoughts of unforgiveness, lack, limitation, and separation.

Father, help us to grow more charitable, help us to be more forgiving, help us to know ourselves as your wealthy heirs of the greatest power there is, Love.

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