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Lesson 89, March 30

(77) I am entitled to miracles.

(78) Let miracles replace all grievances.

(77) I am entitled to miracles.

We are under no laws but God’s, and as He releases us from grievances when we but ask, they are replaced with His miracles. Grievances are illusions that keep miracles hidden from our perception.

Where we hold on to grievances is undoubtedly where we perceive the existence of problems. Notice how our attention is tightly gripped on our problems.

We don’t realize how our fixated focus of attention on the problem is the reason that the problem is sustaining itself.

It is not God’s will for us to have problems.

Focusing on problems keeps our attention off of God, off of love, and off of the light.

Our will is hardly one with God’s will.

Let our will be one with God’s will.

Let there be nothing but God, and His love and light.

Focus on nothing but God.

Want nothing but God.

Trust Him to provide, protect, and care for us. We don’t have to do anything else to fix problems. They will dissolve as we get ourselves in alignment with God.

Only in finding our true function as God’s extension and fulfilling it can we be happy and allow all that is to simply flow through us, unobstructed by our fearful ego.

Miracles are ours as we make use of God’s laws of love, of extension, of sharing, and of giving.

Let love flow through us, feel its blessing pour out to all others, and bask in gratitude for this power.

We receive so that we can give, we accept love so that we can share love.

We receive the miracles of God so we can extend miracles to all others.

(78) Let miracles replace all grievances.

Behind all grievances are miracles so let us release these illusions now.

By letting these grievances go, we release the miracles.

Today we express our sincerest willingness to have all illusory grievances be replaced with the truth.

Let the hell of all illusory grievances be dissolved from our minds and replaced with miracles.

We are a communication channel of miracles; let our channels not become blocked by holding on to grievances.

When anything arises in our thoughts that may be cause for a grievance, help us to remember instead to use the moment as an opportunity to reveal a hidden miracle.

Help us bring to mind the people, places, conditions, and situations that evoke our grievances.

Let these grievances now be replaced by miracles.

Let’s offer miracles to everyone we meet today.

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