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Lesson 114, April 24

(97) I am spirit.
(98) I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.

What does it mean for us to be spirit?

It means that we are not bodies but we are spirit having a human experience.

Our bodies are but instruments to be used in God’s plan for salvation, but our bodies are not who we are, they are not our identity. We can take care of them but be not attached to them.

The body is a limited, changing, ephemeral, and temporary experience.

Spirit is an experience in which we share the qualities that belong to our Father with all other minds, our brothers with whom we are joined to in the One Mind.

These qualities are the unlimited light, love, laughter, peace, and joy that we share with God.

We can easily forget our true real identity and instead, become engaged in the superficial stories and conflicts motivated by human form and personalities.

There is another way of looking at stories and conflicts, however.

Make the choice to view all form as unreal, as illusion, as effect.

Forgive ourselves for every thought we believe that says we are other than spirit. Have compassion for ourselves for looking at forms and thoughts about separation and lack that exist only at the surface.

Our physical eyes may perceive separation and lack, however, we can choose not to believe they are real or true.

Spirit exists below the surface of all form.

We can always make the choice to open our hearts and minds to remember our real identity. This is the choice to unite moment by moment with the Holy Spirit who will guide our perceptions to see all things differently.

The error and the solution are both in our minds.

Only our resistance can stop us.

Holy Spirit, help us to release all resistance.

Help us to stop paying attention to our small minds, and to listen to you, instead.

Help us to bring all perceptions of separation and lack to you, Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit, we ask you to correct our ideas of separation and lack that we think we seem to see.

False ideas that show us images of separation and lack are the mental errors and mistaken beliefs that stand in the way of our full awareness of knowing our true identity.

Have faith only in the power of love. Stop placing faith in the superficiality of form and the limits and effects that bodies are. Effects have no value, for they come and go. Nothing can ever affect us except our thoughts.

All value is within, never at the surface.

What does it mean for us to accept God’s plan for salvation?

It means that we are to accept ourselves as He created us, as already valued, worthy, whole, and perfect.

We accept the truth that all we see is ourselves. Illusion shows separation, but we all are one.

There is nothing we need to do other than to relax, listen, and follow where to go, what to do, what to say, and to whom.

We need only be willing to focus on our true identity as spirit and be willing to listen to and follow our true guidance.

In every moment, look at what we are valuing—is it form or what is real?

Nothing is Real but God’s love and light.

We are never in charge of anything that happens, we are only in charge of how we choose to perceive anything that happens, either through our small-mindedness or through our open-heartedness.

Listen to our hearts and not to our minds.

We are spirit and we now accept our part in God’s plan for salvation.

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