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Lesson 22, January 22

What I see is a form of vengeance.

We see our attack thoughts projected onto the world.

Attack thoughts can only affect us when we ourselves are holding on to attack thoughts in our minds.

When attack thoughts have meaning for us, we will feel upset and we will attack.

When the rage of anger and guilt that we may experience inside our own skin is too painful to contain we attack others.

If we knew who we were, as a child of God, we would never accept attack thoughts as real. It couldn’t touch us. It would have no meaning at all for us.

But we attack because we are conflicted within ourselves, and this creates projections that reflect separation. As I release the cause, the effect of projections must dissolve.

The cause of any conflict is the lack of love that we believe exists and that we therefore accept as real.

Lack of love cannot exist, however, because love is the only thing that does exist.

Lack of love can exist as a possibility in our mind, however, in which case we will project that content of our mind out into our world.

Thoughts about love lacking become the veil that covers up the reality that love is all that is real.

Love is not a thought, but an experience we have when we stop thinking lack thoughts and instead ask that our minds be guided by the Holy Spirit. Ask to see only what is real instead of seeing forms of vengeance.

Our thoughts are powerful and appear quite real. If we have thoughts about lack, then with the body’s eyes we will see separation and experiences of not having enough.

If we identify with thoughts of lack, we will not have enough regardless of how much we have, simply because we are identified with lack.

As long as our minds hold on to attack thoughts of fear and lack, what we will project is a world which holds experiences that appear to be against us.

And what we will see is a form of vengeance.

Is that the world you want to see?

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