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Lesson 30, January 30

God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.

We don’t see through our physical eyes, but it is in our minds that true Vision occurs.

This true Christ Vision is without limits, while what we are seeing when we look through our physical eyes was created with our limited thoughts and judgments.

Today’s lesson contains the pivotal principle that we are not trying to change or get rid of anything that we don’t like. Instead, we are seeing and joining with what is in the world as being the contents of our minds.

What is in the world is not separate from us.

We are joined with what is in the world.

We no longer want to keep anything we see separate from ourselves, because it is not separate.

We are now seeing things differently because we are seeing that we are joined with all that we perceive outside of ourselves. We are joined with it because it is a reflection of our minds.

Effects are only a projection that we are now coming to own with the help of this lesson.

We project whatever guilt, self-hatred, and blame that we resist or refuse to acknowledge we are experiencing or accepting. The world is reflecting our dance of self-hatred and blame.

This guilt is not the truth so we need to bring it to the Holy Spirit for correction.

We are now choosing to let all of that disowned energy go and to replace it with seeing God instead, projecting God instead, accepting God and innocence instead.

It can help to practice doing this lesson by using the words love or light or joy or peace in place of the word, God.

All of these words mean God because they are the qualities of God.

Love is in everything I see because Love is in my mind

Light is in everything I see because Light is in my mind

Thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviors, images, effects are all forms that are changing all of the time.

What is constant is the invisible energy within the form.

That energy is what is the same and changeless, constant, eternal. It is beyond form, beyond time, and beyond space.

That energy is what our minds need to focus on above all else.

The practice we are to do all day long is to find and focus on this energy of love.

Nothing else exists, not form, not the images I think I see, not the past, not our anger, not our grievances, and so forth.

If we think that something else exists, it does so only because of our tight grip on it by way of our acceptance of it and attention to it.

Without our acceptance and attention, it could not exist!

Remember, our thoughts are meaningless, causing us to see a meaningless world.

By holding on to meaningless thoughts, we are blocking the vision in our minds from being seen by us.

Keeping God in our minds is how we can start to let go of what is false yet is taking up so much space in our minds.

Joy is in everything I see because joy is in my mind.

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