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Lesson 170, June 19

There is no cruelty in God and none in me.

Cruelty means to attack, and we can only attack if we believe we are separate.

We attack others and ourselves because we hold grievances and it appears to make sense to defend ourselves in this way.

But our grievances are the lies we believe are true but we refuse to acknowledge these lies and so they have fragmented and can only be seen as our unacceptable aspects, and as outside of ourselves.

Lies are our attempts at making real what is false and could never be real.

God is love, and only love is real.

Therefore, if God is only love, and we share his same qualities, then attack must be foreign to us! What is there to defend?

We only succeed in making attacks more real when we agree with them by defending ourselves, by attacking others and ourselves.

The attack can never be real to begin with because nothing exists outside of our minds, something we all too easily forget.

There is nothing outside of us, so we need to learn to ignore all that is outside of us.

We have built up the walls of our prison because we believe we are alone, weak, vulnerable, powerless, and separate.

We then believe we must defend and watch out for ourselves, thus, further imprisoning ourselves.

This replaces God as the one in charge of our lives with us being in charge, our small, helpless egos.

The inmates are running the asylum!

No wonder we feel so much confusion, conflict, and chaos! We walk around feeling small, tight, angry, and hopeless.

All attack only appears outside of us because it is being projected from the guilt about ourselves that we hold on to.

We are under the false and hypnotic belief that we are not like God, that we don’t share his qualities.

We think we are different.

Worse, we think there is something wrong with us.

We believe in our inferiority. There’s no way we could share God’s qualities!

And when we attack others, and see them as inferior, it is we who are refusing to accept that we hold this belief about ourselves.

We are attacking ourselves by our acceptance of our own inferiority.

What we haven’t accepted is our oneness with God or our likeness to God.

It is us doing it to ourselves because we are worshipping our fear instead of God.

We are the victim of our defenses and it is our defenses that we must now learn to lay down.

Without the fear that we hold on to, we would never be able to perceive attack, or, cruelty as this lesson states it.

Give up our defenses so we can finally let the peace of God become our true experience.

All attack is the intention to hurt.

Lay down the intention to hurt.

God, help me lay down all fear from this day forward.

Help me stop joining with the nothingness of the ego, for in doing so, I am losing touch with my connection to you.

Nothing is Real but God’s love.

God’s love is who I am.

Help me to stop believing in lies.

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