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Lesson 102, April 12

I share God’s Will for happiness for me.

With this lesson, we continue our focus on connecting with the happiness that is already a part of us.

We are also continuing to devote five minutes of every hour to accepting and declaring the truth of this happy state within us.

The state of happiness is not something that we try to manufacture or fake.

Joy is an innate part of our true nature, a quality that we share with our Father.

Experiencing happiness is God’s will for us because it is our function.

We are merely attempting to awaken to what is already within us.

We have lost touch with our true joyful Self because it lays hidden beneath the lifetime of struggling and suffering that has been the focus of our attention.

We have valued our pain, empowering it with our attention. Pain has become our idol, as we worship it by seeking ways to heal it, get rid of it, overcome it, soften it, soothe it, ignore it, and so forth. Pain never leaves the focus of our attention, not for one moment.

We keep choosing to idolize pain again and again, over and over.

Our choice for painful suffering, for the ego is a choice to keep God out of our lives.

We cannot have both our happiness and our suffering.

The choice to make one of them real is the choice to do away with the other.

It is just a choice that we decide to make in our minds of rising above all suffering.

We are never victims trapped by circumstances but only victims of the choices we stay conscious of.

The world begins and ends in our minds.

Make your mind a no-problem zone and the world will be a reflection of your commitment to that choice.

Let us this day declare that we share God’s Will for happiness for ourselves.

Let us today declare our willingness to be happy.

In our total and complete acceptance of our function, the nothingness that our suffering has always been will allow it to dissolve naturally on its own.

We no longer have any need to make the choice to struggle or to suffer, knowing that our function and God’s will for us is perfect happiness.

What joy this lesson brings!

Where carrying pain and suffering was once a constant for some of us, there is now great relief in being able to finally be able to lay down these tremendously heavy burdens held onto from the past as well as for the future.

There is no separation.

There is no lack or limitation.

There are no aches, pain, or disease.

There is no sadness, depression, or rage.

All of these illusions serve the choice of accepting the ego’s suffering as valuable and real while rejecting God’s happiness and good as unreal.

What freedom to realize that God’s will for us is perfect happiness.

Yes! We willingly and gratefully share God’s will for happiness for us today!

Free from our somberness and sadness, we also can no longer feel unloving towards any of our brothers.

Our anger, grievances, and attacks directed against God, our brothers, or ourselves was fueled by the unhappiness and burdens we once carried.

Experiencing such unhappiness made it difficult to share the love in our hearts because that love was hidden from our view where only shadows and darkness seemed real.

Being affected by anything outside of ourselves means that we are still in conflict and not at peace in our minds.

Worry about anything means we are following our will and not God’s will.

Lay aside all conflict with your decision to have total confidence and trust in God.

Ask to see every conflicting situation differently, and then ask for a correction of the thoughts in mind that created the situation.

Today, we joyfully accept happiness as our one function.

Today, our will is joined with God’s will.

We share God’s will for happiness for ourselves.

Our one function of happiness is also a choice to be loving.

Let us this day accept and declare our true function of love and happiness.

And so it is.

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