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Lesson 28, January 28

Above all else I want to see things differently.

Today’s lesson is asking us to begin to express our commitment to yesterday’s lesson by applying it to all of the things that are located around us.

At the same time, this becomes a lesson in opening up our minds and hearts to have greater humility. We can only soften the rigid grasp that our perception has of the outside world when we can see with new eyes the things that we think we already know everything about.

This lesson will teach us that there is something more for us to learn.

When we learn to see differently the things we think we already know, maybe there’s a chance we can better see the more difficult issues that affect us, including our relationships, finances, and so forth.

There is a saying that says, how we see anything is how we see everything.

It will be in learning to see the mundane differently that will enable us to see the profound differently. In the end, we see anything or situation with the same eyes.

The value found in today’s lesson is not about who or what we are seeing, but it is found in the commitment we have within ourselves to see that outer thing differently.

It’s never about what is out there.

It is always about how we are seeing it from inside of ourselves.

Pull back your energy of attention from being scattered throughout the world out there and keep it contained within yourself, maintaining a laser-like focus.

Be willing to allow all that you are seeing to teach you how to really see.

Be willing to allow everything and every situation around you to show you something new and valuable.

Having a willingness to see everything differently will soften you, to open some of the places in your heart which may have hardened or have shut down over time.

Perhaps when we are used to seeing illusions, this new way of seeing is an opening to a new way of living, where we can see more of the truth instead.

I am committed to seeing less past and pain and judgments.

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