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Lesson 31, January 31

I am not the victim of the world I see.

If we are seeing ourselves as victims then we are attacking ourselves with those kinds of thoughts.

This is wrong minded thinking that shows we have forgotten who we are.

Instead of accepting the truth, we have conditioned our thinking to have the habit of accepting what is false.

Perhaps we find it difficult to make another choice because we have become comfortable with blaming others for our pains and problems.

That is only a sign that we have not yet joined with the Holy Spirit in our minds but that we have made our own mistaken thoughts our god.

I am free to stop at any moment.

This is the lesson in which we declare our freedom from the often nightmarish pain and problems that we ourselves have scripted.

We are not a victim because we created the world we see with our thoughts and needs. Now we have the opportunity to write a new script.

Instead of living the role of “poor me” we are free to choose again to create a life built on a rock steady foundation of love.

The decision to stop being a victim must first come from each one of us

Once we do make the decision, we are free to ask for the Holy Spirit’s help in realizing our new choice.

Bring all of the problems that you see to the Holy Spirit.

Ask the Holy Spirit to show you that the problem you see out there is really coming from your mind.

Ask for correction and reinterpretation of your mistaken thoughts, regardless of how long or how ingrained those ideas have grown in your mind.

Watch all of the thoughts that you are having with curiosity, but don’t get involved with any of them otherwise they will sink you into an abyss, and keep you trapped in it.

See your thoughts as simply the thoughts that they are and nothing more. They are wild imaginings from a part of you that is separate from who you really are.

Stop feeding the horror stories with insane ideas of helplessness and powerlessness.

We are a victim of our thoughts and feelings, and no more than that.

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