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Lesson 124, May 4

Let me remember I am one with God.

God is our constant companion wherever we are, walking beside us through the mental mud and the blooming flower fields.

We are at one with God; what more could we want?

We are Holy, whole, innocent, and One.

Our minds are being purified of the false beliefs it has been conditioned to believe.

We are being restored from the painful darkness and despair to the peaceful glory that is our inheritance.

God carries us to the light so we can be free of the darkness that we, ourselves have sown.

In the light the mistaken beliefs and errors of effects have all dissolved.

Let us remember we are one with God.

God’s presence is with us wherever we are.

It is this peaceful bliss that we accept as always ours to experience.

Peace is ours even in the midst of pain or distraction or despair or doubt.

The peaceful presence of God is with us in every moment but we only remember to feel that bliss whenever we remember that we are one with God.

Doubt and distractions pull us off the road, where we stay stuck in the mud until we once again remember who walks with us.

Let us be reminded that God’s voice is here to guide us out of the mud if we take the time to be still and ask and listen.

Are we willing to live in each moment trusting the peaceful presence that is already ours?

Or will we choose one more time to believe in the fears and distractions that insist on cluttering our minds?

In every moment and with every thought we are practicing joining with the peaceful presence or with the painful perceptions.

Our prayer is to speak with God’s words, to see with God’s eyes, to walk with God’s feet, and to think with God’s thoughts.

Let us remember we are one with God.

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