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Lesson 98, April 8

I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.

This is a day of complete surrender, a day of release from the illusions we have been making real.

This is a day of certainty as we lay aside all of our doubts.

Express a willingness to be released from all of the painful troubles, doubts, conflicts, and uncertainties that we have until now identified with.

Choose, instead, to identify with the light.

Simply be willing to stop siding with darkness and illusions, and instead, side with the light of truth.

The light is in us, as it always has been, though it may seem just like a tiny glimmer of a spark.

Today’s lesson will move us forward to accepting that light as we openly acknowledge our willingness to participate in our Father’s plan for salvation.

This lesson offers those of us who still experience great doubt and uncertainty the confidence and conviction that God will respond to the words we speak to Him and the time we give to Him.

Speak today’s words and be certain to receive God’s gifts in return, so that we can offer those gifts back to the world.

Offer to God our willingness to accept our role in His plan for salvation and He will do the rest.

We need not be afraid that we need to do this on our own.

Let go, and trust that God is walking with us every step of the way.

We accept our part now in God’s plan for salvation.

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