Lesson 77, March 18

I am entitled to miracles.

Miracles follow from the laws of God and not from the laws of the world.

Every person is deserving and worthy of experiencing miracles.

Because of our identity as a reflection of God and love, the laws of God and love guarantee our inheritance to receive and offer miracles.

A Course in Miracles describes miracles as what we experience when we move our attention away from the physical level of the body and the material world and place our attention on the spiritual level of light, love, and laughter that recognizes the completeness, wholeness, and worthiness of ourselves and each of our brothers.

All that needs to happen for anyone to experience a miracle must occur at the level of perception where our mistaken beliefs and false thinking can be corrected by the Holy Spirit in our minds.

Miracles follow from this change in perception in which our minds become free of the illusions that were born of the judgments, thoughts, expectations, and images made by our egos.

Any and all permanent change must occur at the invisible level of mind rather than by manipulating or doing anything in the physical world, on the body.

We need do nothing.

All we need do is to remember the truth, stop resisting it, and be in the habit of ignoring all illusions.

We are already experiencing the power of our minds by accepting worthlessness, anger, poverty, fatigue, lack, and other lies as real.

Today we claim the miracles that are already ours by the complete acceptance of their truth and existence in our minds now.

We need never rely on ourselves for a miracle.

We need but bring our need to our One Source for all and ask for the miracles that are already ours.

Today in asking for miracles we are requesting that the will of God be done.

Wherever we see effects of our mistaken beliefs and images that have become out-pictured by our minds is where we need to ask for and accept the miracle to replace the lie.

Ask to be shown the mistaken belief that is causing what is being out-pictured. More often than not, we have been rejecting who we are as Spirit while accepting ourselves as limited and separate.

Ask to be shown what fears, limits, and judgments we have placed on ourselves.

Accept the truth of the miracle instead.