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Lesson 32, February 1

I have invented the world I see.

Our thoughts are chosen by us and every one of these thoughts has an effect.

This lesson tells us that both our inner and outer worlds are one and the same, and that both are coming from our imaginations.

Just watch the images that your imagination is showing you.

It could be pictures of lack, or limitation, or pain, or any other kind of struggling or suffering.

Why would you continue to participate in attacking yourself by holding images of who you are not?

Why are you choosing to join with the ego’s thought system by seeing guilt and form when it’s just as easy to join with the Holy Spirit’s thought system by seeing innocence and the energy of God’s love?

If you no longer want to agree with the ego, you are free to choose to agree with Truth.

Just let the false go.

Release all of the fearful inventions of effects that you have made.

The world you have invented is blocking your vision from seeing God’s True Vision.

It can be challenging to move away from a way of being that has learned only blame to another way of being where taking responsibility is the way to freedom.

It’s the difference between choosing to arrogantly live on your own, in charge of controlling every aspect of your life, or, humbly taking responsibility and being rightly guided by the Holy Spirit in every moment.

We often believe that we are powerless to change a specific situation in our lives. It may be one related to a relationship, or health issue, or weight, or finances, or whatever.

We are powerless and a victim because that is what we are believing to be the truth at the time.

It is not.

The situation is only one that we have invented.

Choose to see it differently.

Choose to change your mind.

The situation in and of itself is neutral.

We may, however, have given it a meaning based on our meaningless thoughts.

Stop upsetting yourself and simply choose to change your mind.

Reinvent what you are seeing by deciding on a new uplifting meaning for the situation that will allow you to have a better feeling about it.

Stop feeling trapped by circumstances.

You are not.

You are only trapped by thinking the same thoughts and feeling the same feelings that you have become conditioned to experience again and again.

At any time know that you can reinvent the world that you see.

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