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Lesson 211, July 30

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.
(191) I am the Holy Son of God himself

We are responsible for everything that is created in our lives because we are the creators of our lives.

That is the power that has been given to us as the Sons of God.

We can choose to deny this power, or, we can learn to use this power more consciously.

As we mindlessly create as appearing real what is non-loving by giving it our power of attention, we are forgetting that Nothing is Real but God’s love.

Believing what is false is real is the block that prevents us from knowing the truth about who we are.

We are very powerful, but our small-minded thoughts have been drowning out our knowledge of this power.

We are whole, holy, and powerful always.

Holy Spirit, I now accept my wholeness, holiness, and power.

I am one with God and my brothers.

We are One in Spirit.

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