Lesson 210, July 29

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.
(190) I choose the joy of God instead of pain

God’s will for us is joy, and only joy.

Joy is already a part of us, found in the one mind that we share with God, joy is never found in the world or in things.

We are already free and need only accept the joy that is already ours.

When we are not experiencing joy it is only because we are following our own will rather than God’s will for us.

Pain, anxiety, stress, distress, etc. means we are following our own will, not God’s will, but thinking independently without God.

Pain, like joy, is also found only in our minds and never in the world.

The power is always ours to choose joy over pain.

All pain represents wrong-minded thoughts that remain in our minds.

We need to accept full responsibility for creating our thoughts and feelings, and then all we simply need to do is to notice every one of our thoughts that is unlike God’s thoughts, and then ask the Holy Spirit to help us to see this differently and then correct our perception.

Holy Spirit, help me release any and all wrong-minded thoughts of separation and unforgiveness that clutter up my mind.

Holy Spirit, this moment I let go of all pain and choose the joy and peace of God instead, regardless of whatever problems or pain I perceive I am experiencing.

Holy Spirit, this moment I choose to remember that I am not a body but that I am free, still as God created me.