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Lesson 154, June 3

I am among the ministers of God.

Our function on this earth is to be a minister, which is a messenger, sharing with others the messages of love, peace, and joy that God has given to us.

The form of our ministry is not determined by us, but by God, who knows how the big picture of our lives looks, as well as how to make best use of our strengths and weaknesses.

God gives us our function, tells us how to move forward, and provides us with the strength we need to succeed in our mission of service.

We need to get ourselves out of the way so that we can receive, give, and recognize God’s messages.

In accepting Atonement for ourselves, we can therefore release our false self-concepts.

God’s messages are first intended for us to receive.

We then offer God’s message that we have received to give to whomever the Holy Spirit sends us to, sharing what we have heard through our words, actions, and attitudes.

We extend to others the mercy God that has extended to us, seeing in others the innocence we have begun to see in ourselves.

It requires effort on our part to hear God’s clear and specific messages to us. We also need to learn how to submit to what we have heard.

Through discernment and trial and error, as well as through practicing the lessons in A Course in Miracles, we can learn to listen and therefore, serve God’s purpose.

Through God’s messages, we will recognize that we, ourselves, are free, however, we will not recognize what we have received until we first give it away.

Are we holding back from extending God’s messages of love and joy to others?

Only in giving away God’s messages can we receive them for ourselves.

This lesson asks us to allow its message to sink deeply within us, become an intimate part of us, and energize our minds with so much excitement that we eagerly give what we hear.

As a minister of God, let us now begin doing the work we really love to do, which is to love and see innocence everywhere, in every moment.

Accepting Atonement, let us recognize that God goes with us wherever we are.

Let us now perform every small and major task for the highest good of all.

Joining with the Holy Spirit, we ask to be reminded in every moment to hold a space of love and innocence towards everyone we encounter this day.

At the top of every hour, we ask Him how He would have us minister in the coming hour. Then, we listen for His Voice to guide us so that we can be used to be the most helpful.

God, we are grateful to give You our voice, hands, and feet to be Your instrument to deliver Your messages of love to those in need that You direct us to.

Holy Spirit, we are willing to serve Love’s purpose.

Help us follow only Your lead from moment to moment in all we think, say, and do.

Let the eternal ever Presence of Your Love change how we now see the world so that we can love all that we see.

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