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Lesson 151, May 31

All things are echoes for the Voice for God.

In every moment, we are choosing to listen to the voice of the ego or listening to the Voice of God.

When we listen to the ego’s voice, we judge the world based only on what our body’s eyes show us.

By placing faith in guilt, lack, loss, limitation, and sadness as true realities, the body’s eyes bear false witness to the truth.

That world of pain can hardly be the vision of truth.

Only God’s Voice can offer us a vision of how to judge all that happens.

Only God’s Voice can find the truthful voice of love that lives at the core of all hatred.

Listening to God’s Voice will remove the unholy aspects to every story that we made up.

In this way, He will correct every thought that we give Him, transforming our judgments into a miraculous Thought in which we see only wholeness, innocence, and love.

Holy Spirit, help us to see all of our judgmental thoughts, one by one, differently.

When we cannot hear God’s Voice, we may be moving too fast and need to slow down, be still, and tune in to the loving silence that always surrounds us.

When we are tuned in to God’s Voice, we can hear Him speaking to us all day long.

In the peaceful silence of His loving Presence, God is directing us to follow His lead.

Remember to stop for five minutes at the top of each hour to listen for God’s loving Voice.

God, we will to hear Your clear Voice guiding us in every moment.

God, we invite You now to speak to us.

We invite You through our words, spoken to You every hour.

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