Lesson 143, May 23

My mind holds only what I think with God.
(125) In quiet I receive God’s Word today.
(126) All that I give is given to myself.

The gift we can give to ourselves is to quiet our minds, for only then can we receive the gift of God’s word.

Is your mind a space of quiet and peacefulness where love can thrive and God’s word can be heard?

Or is your mind the place where old buried resentments, pain, and unmet needs are harbored and given the gift of renewed life again and again and again.

Learn to allow the memories and painful material to rise without reacting to them. Find some way to detach from and simply witness or observe what arises in mind.

Reacting to anything is the antithesis of the intentions of A Course in Miracles because anything that we react to is what we make more real.

It takes but one instance of love to be felt and experienced.

Why not begin with gratitude for God’s gift of love that has been given to us?

Love needs space.

Expand our ground of being by taking time to focus on our heart space, our skin, on individual areas of the body.

Each time the focus of our attention goes off track, forgive ourselves immediately, and make light of it with a smile and softer stance on the inside. In this way we can begin to practice self-nurturing skills we may need to develop.

We want to stop getting stuck in and staying attached to erroneous thoughts, which serve only to create more of the heaviness and unforgiveness that we have been asking to be undone.

We can choose to allow what has been difficult to be easy instead.

The world we experience originates in our minds. It is only in our minds, in our conscious awareness that a change can originate. That change can then be sustained by developing an ongoing habit of mind in that direction.

God, lead us below the chattering, busy world that we have made to shut you out. No longer do we choose to live in the isolated, separated world of our own making.

Help us quiet our minds, God, to stop battling the fearful ego who refuses to give up.

Now, though, we recognize we have a choice. We only want to make the choice for You, God, because there is no other choice to make.

Let us see the world and chatter like soap bubbles sitting above the water, but not possessing the substance of the water.

The water represents the flow of our love moving with ease to flow effortlessly around all that it encounters, relaxed in all that it observes.

We receive this feeling flow of information when we are not blocking it with the ego’s tiresome over thinking.

Now, Relax and feel God’s Loving Presence.