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Lesson 139, May 19

I will accept Atonement for myself.

To accept atonement is to accept the truth about who we are and what our purpose is of extending the love that we are.

Whenever we act in ways that are unloving, we are rejecting our purpose and saying, “No” to God.

When we are uncertain or doubtful about who we are, we have forgotten our True Selves. Our minds have become divided between who we are and the dream that we made up about who we are.

A Course in Miracles has been teaching us to say, “No!” to the ego’s habits of lack and limitation.

We are learning to see through all of the events happening in the world, knowing they are all born of illusion, of false energies. We are realizing that none of it matters for it is all completely meaningless.

The world is a place for those who have abandoned their True Selves and rejected God’s Love and Light.

No longer do our fears, mistaken beliefs, limited self-concepts, and painful stories about the past have to keep our True Selves trapped and hidden.

Today we are making the decision to accept our True Selves as God created us.

Accepting atonement means that we accept our purpose to extend God’s love unconditionally.

Accepting atonement means that we realize we are here on a mission to restore love to all minds.

Accepting atonement means that we are unconditionally demonstrating God’s love in the world.

Accepting atonement means that we no longer view any person as unworthy of our love, for to do so would mean that, we, ourselves, are also not worthy of love.

Accepting atonement means that we recognize our hearts have no boundaries but are big enough to include everyone and everything in them.

Accepting atonement means that we recognize ourselves as a mind that is one with its Source.

We are now free to say, “Yes!” to God and Love.

We are now available to be a mind at play.

Now we are free to be the true channels of communication that in truth we have always been.

We are free to gracefully demonstrate God’s love, light, and joyous laughter.

Imagine a light in the center of your mind. In every moment, focus attention on this brightness that is carrying you inward and at the same time, radiating outward, to shine on all alike.

Now, we accept Atonement for ourselves.

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