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Lesson 84, March 25

(67) Love created me like Itself.

(68) Love holds no grievances.

(67) Love created me like Itself.

We cannot experience suffering, loss, death, or being a body because we are each created in the image and likeness of God. As a reflection of God, what is true about the innate qualities of God, is also true for each of us.

(68) Love holds no grievances.

God also did not create grievances nor can grievances be a part of what God is.

Grievances are not only alien to love, but they attack and hide the love and light that we are.

By holding grievances we are attacking ourselves which results in keeping ourselves hidden from ourselves. We cannot remember who we are when we hold grievances.

When we point out faults in others or criticize them we are seeing shadows and therefore even greater shadows are growing before our eyes.

All we can see is ourselves in others so to see their grievances is to attack ourselves and deny the truth about the love and light that we are.

To attack is to not be at peace but instead to be unconscious and unaware of who we are.

Though the truth remains that we are changeless love, we can be asleep to the truth.

The only way to awaken from our sleep of unconscious is to release all grievances.

At any moment we can become willing to be aware again. Just stop when a grievance comes to mind, ask to see it differently, ask for our thoughts to be corrected, return to the love that we are, and speak to the light to increase it.

Choose to bring out the light in others rather than their faults, and we will bring forth more our own light into expression as well.

Make it a habit to call forth what people are doing right, their strengths, etc.

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