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Lesson 68, March 9

Love holds no grievances.

“To hold a grievance is to forget who you are.”

We are love.

Everyone else is love.

We are either remembering love or we are forgetting love, in which case we are remembering illusions.

By forgetting the love that we ate, we are creating for ourselves an experience of fear, guilt, lack of peace, separateness, survival-orientation, insecurity, unhappiness, and anxiety.

Read the previous sentence again! Is this what we want?

We only have two choices to identify ourselves with: Love or illusion.

When we hold a grievance we are making the judgment that we have been wronged in some way and are therefore a victim of someone or something.

In truth, however, we cannot ever be a victim because there is nothing out there!

So if we think we are a victim, then we are practicing illusions instead of practicing love.

With every grievance that we hold we are practicing the illusionary ego thought system of duality and judgment.

We are abandoning God.

When we practice ego thinking we disconnect ourselves from our Source, and we grow unlike our Source, and therefore disempower ourselves. We shut off our power and grow our weakness.

In forgetting who we are, we split off from our true Self.

The bottom line is that we are betraying our own selves by holding on to even a single grievance.

We are destroying our own peace of mind!

We hold many grievances against many.

Grievances include so many things such as limitations of our linear mind, verbal attacks, feeling wronged, thinking someone is wrong, thinking something is wrong, etc. can all jam up and clutter our minds.

By holding on to grievances, we are clogging our system, making it next to impossible for God to communicate through us. We are failing to be the open clear space, the clean container and receptive channel that God needs for us to be so that His purpose can be communicated through us.

Even our attempts at giving the Holy Spirit our ego thoughts to be transformed are being thwarted when we hold on to grievances. Nothing can get through to us!

Our grievances are destructive and are the cause of all painful, miserable feelings.

Do we want to feel miserable or at peace?

We spend our lives and our energy looking for some ideal that we have of love yet love is here within us now, where it has always been, closer to us than the air we breathe.

God is offering us a way out of this hell.

Today’s lesson is asking us to choose to see the people against whom we hold grievances as friends instead, as brothers, as part of our one family.

All I see is me.

How do you imagine you would feel without grievances to hold on to?

Choose to feel safe, loved, secure, and at peace with everyone and everything instead.

This lesson says to…

“think of yourself as being at peace with a world that is truly your friend, a world that loves and protects you, and that you love in return. Try to actually feel safety surrounding you like a blanket, hovering over you like wings of an angel, and holding you up like solid rock beneath your feet. Say, “Love holds no grievances. When I let all my grievances go I will know I am perfectly safe.”

In this lesson, A Course in Miracles is leading us to become motivated to let go of our grievances if only because it will feel so wonderful to us to let them all go.

Why would we NOT want to feel this way all of the time????

It’s really not hard to feel peaceful, safe, secure, loved, and joyful all of the time.

A Course in Miracles is telling us to ignore the world, and instead, to remember our real identity as a child of God, as Love-Light, Laughter, spirit, Holy, perfect, kind, and helpful.

Every moment is a brand new moment and a choice to be here and now, without holding on to any part of the past, whether it happened a lifetime ago, ten years ago, or ten minutes ago.

To every grievance that you become aware of, shout out a big, firm, “No” to it. “No, you are not welcome here. I delete you now and forever from my life.”

Being fully present means pulling your attention out of your mind and into the expanding presence which is actually relaxing to the mind, body and spirit.

Keep your thoughts pure by putting your attention on your breathing and allowing all thoughts and feelings about the past and future to just pass through you.

Never react to them because they are not real, they are only your thoughts and feelings.

Then quickly Realize who you are as Love, still as God created you.

Accept that you are loved, needed, and wanted because God has a perfect plan for you.

Make a decision to Realize His plan by remaining open and receptive to peace, love, and joy.

And, finally, Go Gratefully to God, giving him every grievance that arises to be transformed.

Assume a perspective of humility.

Remember that you know nothing and that you are willing to learn everything.

When you recognize that you know nothing, you are inviting peace into your mind and you are rejecting the ego.

Love created us like itself.

Love holds no grievances.

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