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Lesson 203, July 22

I am not a body. I am free.
For I am still as God created me.
(183) I call upon God’s name and my own

When we call God’s name we are calling on ourselves at the same time for we are One, joined, and connected always. The only separation is the one we created in our dream.

To call upon God’s name is speak aloud the vibrations of saying His name.

When we speak aloud and feel the vibrations of the words that we are speaking we place ourselves in the highest frequency possible.

This is the same idea that the ancients used when they used chanting as a means of energy healing.

Calling upon God’s name regularly is an effective way to awaken from the dream.

Speaking God’s name as our own empowers us to align with our Father’s Nature and detach from our small self-made creation of separation and limitation.

Each time we call upon God’s name we are remembering that we are not a body, but that we are One with our Source, with Love, Light, Laughter, and the Energy of Life.

Let us teach ourselves to respond four times an hour today, with the highest frequency we have available, which is our voice.

Let us not fail to remember to call upon God’s name as our own.

God, I call on you now, thank You.

God, thank You.


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